Pharmacy Scholarship

This is a comprehensive application for the College of Pharmacy Scholarships.

  • Please recognize that you are applying for multiple Pharmacy scholarships that have a variety of criteria, be as complete as possible in your answers.
  • All applicants will be evaluated based on qualifications and scholarship criteria by the Pharmacy Scholarship Committee.
  • Incoming P1 students for the following academic year will be automatically eligible for College of Pharmacy awards so no application should be completed. However, current P1 students should still fill out the application.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Enter the primary city, state, and county where you grew up (e.g. Big Rapids, MI, Mecosta County). The information you provide may be of significance to some scholarship criteria.
  2. Please describe in less than 100 words why you are deserving of a scholarship and how your professional goals align with receiving a scholarship.
  3. Have you been involved with any pharmacy student organizations within this past academic year?
  4. If yes, please choose which organizations you are involved with.
  5. If you chose "other" for the organization you are involved in, please list the organization you are involved in.
  6. What was your role with the organization you selected in the previous question?
  7. What area of practice are you planning to enter?
  8. If you chose "other" for the area of practice you plan to enter, please specify what area you plan to enter.
  9. Have you held an intern/pharmacy tech position?
  10. If yes, who have you held this position with?
  11. If you chose "other", please specify where you held an internship or student pharmacist position.
  12. Have you been involved with any posters, publications, or formal research created for presentation/publication outside of the classroom (e.g. Dr. Hancock's poster presentation does not count) while you have been enrolled in pharmacy school?
  13. If yes, list the activity(ies) with a description of the activity(ies). Please limit to 75 words.
  14. Have you been involved in any community service activities during pharmacy school?
  15. If yes, list the activities and your role (participant, organizer) in these activities within this past academic year. Please limit to 75 words.
  16. Have you been involved in promoting diversity in the community or on campus?
  17. If yes, list the activity(ies) and your role (participant/organizer) in the activity(ies). Please limit to 75 words.
  18. Were you eligible for a Pell Grant in your undergraduate years?
  19. How much student loan debt have you incurred, including federal and private loans, during your undergraduate and graduate years, to this point of your education?
  20. Please identify which, if any, organizational competitions you have been involved with and the level at which you were involved.
  21. If you chose other for an organizational competition, please provide the name of the competition you were involved with and the level at which you were involved.
  22. Are you fluent in more than one language?
  23. If yes, please list what languages you speak.
  24. What academic year will you be entering into for Fall, 2023? (e.g. if you are currently a P3, then you will choose P4)
  25. Do you personally or does your family have a relationship to an independent pharmacy? If yes, please describe.
  26. Where did you attend for your undergraduate coursework? (list all institution names)
  27. Do you care for any dependents under the age of 18?
  28. What are you top 3 favorite sports?
  29. Show 23 more